What is the Power of Beauty?

Such a difficult thing to define, or put into words at all. Yet as I sit here watching the sunset over Sommes Sound, I’m feeling inspired to write. So here goes nothing… The thin layer of orangish/pinkish sky watches over the calm water of the sound in front of me. Colorful buoys, which mark what

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Live where you love, and life is a vacation

I’ve always been someone who felt the desire to call a beautiful place home. The highs of mountain time, adventure, stunning sunsets/sunrises, and the ability to breath hard in crisp air is too enticing to be cast aside for just a few weeks each year. It’s this very desire to incorporate nature, and simple, yet

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Make it a Plastic Bag Wallet kind of Day!

Cheap. No exciting features. Not particularly durable, and definitely not stylish. In fact, it’s an accessory we’re all told to move away from at some point in life, typically during those adolescent years searching for adulthood. “If you want to act like an adult, then start dressing and accessorizing like one” they said. “A plastic

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