5 Reasons To Get Outside and Be Active…Now!

1. It’s Fun

Something about setting out in nature, exploring a new area, pushing both body and mind is just plain and simple fun. Period. Whether it’s the cool sights and sounds that the natural world provides, or that feeling of freedom while away from other stresses, adventuring outside has a way of bringing out the care-free kid in us all. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the reality that we all face at some point, that life is not always easy, and you are looking for a way to bring out the innocent joy that it once gave you, I suggest you get outside…now!

2. Amazing Health Benefits

The physical and mental benefits of exercising in outdoor environments are consistently endorsed by virtually every major medical journal and association. Being outside increases vitamin D exposure which has been linked to everything from lower blood pressure & reduced muscle pain to greatly inhibiting cancer cell growth. Recent studies published in the Harvard Health Letter have even reported results that ‘green’ exercise (athletic activity outside in nature) vastly improves self-esteem and overall mood. Simply put, people who make a habit of outdoor exercise are often happier, and more relaxed than those who remain indoors. I think it’s safe to say that no one has ever complained about looking and feeling better, so get outside…now!

3. You See Beautiful Things

Stepping away from civilization and setting out into wilderness will lead to spectacular sights and breathtaking vistas that would be difficult to duplicate anywhere else. From sightings of truly wild animals in their natural environment, to 50 mile sunset views from atop a mountain, nature can be stunning in a variety of ways. I will never forget the moments in my life, that so often come from venturing outdoors, where I feel incredibly small, yet incredibly powerful. I encourage you to seek out these moments, I promise you will not regret it. Are you getting the idea yet? If not, just go outside…now!

4. Incredible Friendships

The social aspect of outdoor adventure is often overlooked due to the solitude and escape that many people seek when setting out into the wild. The reality however, is that it can forge friendships and relationships that may last a lifetime. It will introduce you to new people from diverse backgrounds who you might not have otherwise met. Nature has a unique way of breaking down the societal constraints typically associated with looks, money, and job status, so that whether you’re making a new friend or sharing the adventure with an existing one, you are getting an authentic look at who they are. When people are tired, dirty (if not, you must not be trying hard enough!), and outside of their social media spheres they tend to lose the desire to hide who they are. The memorable laughs, stories, and conversations from these ‘raw’ friendships will remain long after returning to everyday life, so take your friends and go do something fun outside…now!

5. Self-Discovery

Few places will test your physical and mental resolve like the great outdoors. Adventure outside enough and you will discover moments of complete peace to pause and reflect, moments of excitement that leave you elated, and moments that scare you more than you could ever imagine. It is within these moments where we often learn the most about who we are, what we are made of, and what we are going to do in this world. There are few places that remain in the constant rush of everyday society where time seems to slow down. Being outside is one of them, so if you happen to still be reading, please stop and go now! You never know what you might find.

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