About E² Outdoor Adventures

E² Outdoor Adventures (pronounced “Eee-squared”) is an adventure travel and outdoor lifestyle company created to provide an avenue for adults who demand more from their travel experiences. We provide guided, active, outdoor pursuits within a variety of beautifully distinct environments throughout Virginia. The multi-day outdoor excursions we design and plan combine physical, mental, cultural and natural elements that result in a unique euphoria and sense of individual accomplishment.

While numerous outdoor camps and programs aimed at adventure for children exist, E² hopes to be the needed resource for busy adults looking to set out on an adventure of their own. The inherent time to plan, organize gear, and learn the necessary skills for backcountry travel often keeps interested, and able individuals from ever experiencing the awe and wonder of the wild around them. E² was founded to eliminate many of these challenges for would be adventurers, and make it easier for people to get outside and explore. We provide skilled instruction and guidance, as well as a small group environment for exploration, to individuals and groups interested in the benefits of being active in nature, but who may not know where to start with regard to logistics:

  • What kind of gear do I need?
  • What meals would I bring?
  • How would I prepare, pack, and carry food with no refrigeration (I’m busy!)?
  • How would I navigate?
  • What if I don’t own or want to purchase all that gear?
  • Where is the best place to go for backpacking, kayaking, rock climbing, etc?
  • What kind of permits do I need to visit certain areas?
  • Where do I park and how do I get to the trailhead?
  • How do I protect my food from animals?
  • How can I enjoy my trip with so many things to think about?

We handle the planning, gear, and logistical challenges that turns your…

“I’d really love to do that” 


“Wow, that was awesome!”


Our aim is to answer these questions and share the experience of living healthy, active, outdoor lifestyles. It’s amazing how quickly journeying into the wilderness can eliminate the stresses and worries of everyday life. The foundation of E² Outdoor adventures is built upon that simple concept—seize the opportunity to Escape the everyday and Explore the beauty of the natural world around us.