For Educators, Adventure Rec. Classes, and Fit For Life Programs

Cost: TBA


Duration: single class session, multiple workshops, or half/full day experiences

Are you an educator, program leader, or P.E. department head searching for engaging lesson plans that introduce your students to the benefits of active, outdoor lifestyles? At E2 Outdoor Adventures, we are fully aware of the challenges, and stresses, placed upon you to consistently develop engaging content, and create new activities for your students. Our workshops and lesson plans are designed to help eliminate some of this planning for you.

We have created programs that introduce students to the skills needed, gear required, and underlying value of exploring outside. In doing so, we hope to establish future generations that incorporate daily, outside activity into their lives, and share an appreciation for the natural world around us.

These programs are completely customizable, and able to be performed, either on campus at your school, in a classroom, or off-site at a scenic location. Programs range from brief introductions to a topic during a single class period, or can involve multiple workshops over the course of several class sessions. Please contact us with any additional questions, or to schedule a program that will fit your class needs.

Sample Topics & Interactive Activities

  • Camp set-up
  • Tent set-up and shelter options for multi-day adventures
  • Common wilderness first-aid discussion and activity
  • Camp kitchen considerations
  • The decision to have a fire
  • What should I bring (leads to great discussion on prioritization)
  • How to pack a backpacking pack
  • Storing food safely on overnight trips (food hanging demonstrations included)
  • Water filtration and treatment demonstrations

Begin discussing which programs and activities will work best for your class