Chris Olson


In addition to my role as an outdoor adventure guide, I seek to share my passion, and experience, through writing and photography. The simple act of reflection, through written words and imagery, often provides me with much needed perspective. It is through these words and images, that I hope to convey a deep love for wild places, outdoor exploration, preservation, self-discovery, and the sheer, innocent joy brought about by sharing an adventure with friends in a beautiful place.

I am only getting started, and am excited to share more powerful moments, helpful tips, and memorable experiences along the way. It is my greatest hope that they may inspire you, provide you with laughter, or simply serve as a reminder to the satisfaction that can be gained from maintaining an active, outdoor lifestyle.

If you are in need of engaging outdoor adventure related content, seeking specific project consultation, or simply want to brainstorm ways to spend more time outside, please reach out at, or via the contact form here.

Peek some of my recent work below:

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