Live where you love, and life is a vacation

I’ve always been someone who felt the desire to call a beautiful place home. The highs of mountain time, adventure, stunning sunsets/sunrises, and the ability to breath hard in crisp air is too enticing to be cast aside for just a few weeks each year. It’s this very desire to incorporate nature, and simple, yet powerful beauty into my everyday life that led me to Acadia National Park for the summer, and a 3 month tutorial on why I should spend more of my life in places I love.

As my wife and I sat perched on the granite bedrock that makes up the summit of Cadillac Mountain, we turned to each other and proclaimed in unison, “Can you believe we live here?”. After a week of calling Mount Desert Island, ME our home, this beautiful scene was unfolding in our new backyard. The pinkish hue of the sky quickly turned to dusk, as the sun dove behind clouds, and the day soon came to a close. Though not before I was left with a simple, but often overlooked reminder…Where you live can be so important to your overall happiness, and quality of life.

Keep in mind, that this was a day where we had both worked, not a care free vacation day, or a planned moment we had saved for years to finally experience. This was a grown-up, adult work day…only it included ice cream, a cafe breakfast at a cool spot in town, a stroll along the harbor, 3 pitches of classic climbing in a national park. It included a memorable hike that lead us to a mountain view of the coast, and a place where the swell of crashing ocean waves served as background noise for a few moments of eyes closed, summit bliss. It was a day where crystal clear water from an alpine lake provided quick refreshment, and a day whose last light we watched vanish forever from a stunning vantage.

A lunch in Agamont Park, Bar Harbor, ME
Not your average view during a lunch break from work!

Ultimately for me, it served as a day full of reasons to always live in a place that makes your soul happy. A place that fits your lifestyle, and allows you to spend more time doing things you once only dreamed of doing on ‘vacation’. Spend some time in a place you love, and you might soon realize that your whole life feels like a vacatiion. After all, where you settle down with your family, or where you choose to call home shouldn’t just be a place where you live. It should be a place where LIFE unfolds!




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