What is the Power of Beauty?

Such a difficult thing to define, or put into words at all. Yet as I sit here watching the sunset over Sommes Sound, I’m feeling inspired to write. So here goes nothing…

The thin layer of orangish/pinkish sky watches over the calm water of the sound in front of me. Colorful buoys, which mark what fishermen hope are full cages below, dot the shimmering surface of the water like a vibrant, floating constellation of the sea. As I pull out my laptop, I watch a seagull land in the water, unsure if its goal is a fish, or a bath. Rocky shorelines pull the landscape quickly upward into mountains above, impressive considering their coastal setting . It’s beautiful. Every single part of it. And for the first time during a busy week in a new world, I’m not thinking about what needs to get done tomorrow. I’m not adding any items to my ‘to do list’ on the memo app of my phone. I’m not worried about the impressions I’m making to new coworkers, or how I’m going to juggle my schedules. I’m not concerned at what time I’m getting up tomorrow. I’m simply right here, right now.

And with those four short words, it appears that I may have found what I set out for with this short, impromptu musing. Right here, right now..




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